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Let's Talk Writing

the basics

What is a short story?

A short story is a piece of prose fiction that typically can be read in one sitting and focuses on a self-contained incident or series of linked incidents, with the intent of evoking a single effect or mood.

The short story is a crafted form in its own right. It has no set length but the usual submission guidelines are a word count of fewer than 7,500 words.

Longer stories that cannot be called novels are sometimes considered "novellas" or novelettes and, like short stories, may be collected into the more marketable form of "collections", often containing previously unpublished stories. 

What is a Novella?

A novella or short novel is a work of narrative prose fiction, longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.


Publishers and literary award societies typically consider a novella's word count to be between 15,000 and 40,000 words, although definitions vary.

What is Haiku?

Haiku (俳句) is a type of short-form poetry originally from Japan.


Traditional Japanese haiku consists of three phrases that contain a kireji, or "cutting word", 17 on (a type of Japanese phoneme) in a 5, 7, 5 pattern, and a kigo, or seasonal reference.

Haiku is composed of only 3 lines.
Typically, every first line of Haiku has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third has 5 syllables.

What is Prose?

Prose is a form or technique of language that exhibits a natural flow of speech and grammatical structure. Novels, textbooks and newspaper articles are all examples of prose.


The word prose is frequently used in opposition to traditional poetry, which is language with a regular structure and a common unit of verse based on metre or rhyme. 

What is Flash Fiction?

Flash fiction is a favored genre among the English-speaking world's most celebrated writers for its ability to convey deep truths and universal human emotions in just a few short paragraphs. 

Flash fiction shouldn't be more than one plot and one theme.

Microfiction is a subset of flash fiction—those super short stories typically told in 1,000 words or less. Definitions vary, but for the most part, microfiction is any story told in 300 words or less, and could even be as short as a few words. 

What is a Six-Word Story?

The six-word story is exactly what it sounds like: a six-word sentence that is written to tell a story. 

A great website you can use for inspiration is

What is Twitterature?

Twitterature (a portmanteau of Twitter and literature) is literary use of the microblogging service of Twitter. It includes various genres, including aphorisms, poetry, and fiction (or some combination thereof) written by individuals or collaboratively.


nom de plume 

I love to write and scribble something down every day. It can be as simple as a few lines or turn into several thousand words. It depends on what I'm feeling, what experience I've had, or simply that an idea came to mind. 

I'm only just getting used to sharing my deeper writing, emotional stuff that pours out, it's quite different to writing a novel. ACoPF was my debut in fiction, I didn't start small.  ;o) 


I wanted to create a new space to feel free to explore away from my novels. So, I created Soulspeak and a non-de plume, 'Felicity Haversham', to experiment with a different style of writing publically.



I've also started to create decorative writing pages
which are available from the shop

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