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The Artist & AI

The Language of Artist & Ai

Art evokes a sense of peace and has a calming effect on the senses. I've always used visuals, drawn, painted, collaged, etc, for creating inner joy. A type of happy fulfilment to be shared.

It wasn't surprising to find out that AI can be used for art therapy. Art that some may feel has never been possible for them to achieve, with Ai suddenly new doors open. Using artificial intelligence to create visuals can be very therapeutic, and can help with stress, winding down, self-esteem, depression, and other mental health areas. 

The types of art therapy include analytic art therapy which focuses on the ideas transferred between the therapist and client during a therapy session, art psychotherapy in which the therapist analyses the client's artwork, and finally, art therapy which focuses on the creative process itself. This type of art therapy is the in the context of AI. 

A big part of AI Art (not just from a therapy point-of-view) is in finding - and then honing - your own artistic style. Creating something truly unique that you can call 'your own style'. I've been falling into my love of flowers, romantic dreaming, and reflection in many designs. These have been influenced by classic artists such as Waterhouse, DaVinci, and many more. 

Below are a few of my creations. I've also added some Victorian Gothic as I love the contrast of light and dark, one cannot exist without the other. 


The Language of Artist & Ai

I will be adding high-resolution pieces to Etsy and here for purchase if any catch your 'feels'. 

Love and light 

AI-generated artworks: At Nightcafe

the artist is free to sell the art they generated using AI.

The AI-generated artwork of another artist is not for reselling or copying,

and would infringe on their copyright and would be illegal.

Read more, HERE

What is an AI Artist? HERE

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AI art, or art created using artificial intelligence, is generally considered to be a form of art. AI art often involves the use of algorithms, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to create unique and creative pieces of art.

AI art can take many different forms, including visual art, music, and even poetry. Some AI art is created entirely by machines, while other AI art involves a collaboration between humans and machines.

In recent years, AI art has gained recognition and acceptance within the art world with AI artists and their work being exhibited in galleries and museums and even selling for high prices at auctions. Some critics and art theorists have even argued that AI art represents a new frontier in creativity and artistic expression.

Overall, while the concept of AI art may be relatively new, it is generally accepted as a valid and legitimate form of art though some controversy is debated. As a 'human' artist, I can see the positive and negative sides of the debate. Being visual, I am drawn to this tool for relaxation. 


There are many art galleries that sell AI art, or art created using artificial intelligence. These galleries may be focused specifically on showcasing and selling AI art, or they may be more general galleries that include AI art among their exhibitions and collections.

Some examples of galleries that sell AI art include:

  • The Pace Gallery, which has locations in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Beijing, and has featured exhibitions of AI art by artists such as Mario Klingemann and Jon McCormack

  • The Ada Gallery, which is located in Brussels, Belgium, and focuses on showcasing and promoting AI art

  • The Art Institute of Chicago, which has a collection of AI art and has hosted exhibitions of AI art by artists such as Mario Klingemann and Anna Ridler

  • The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which has a collection of AI art and has featured exhibitions of AI art by artists such as Sougwen Chung and Refik Anadol


In addition to these galleries, many online platforms such as Saatchi Art, Artfinder, and Etsy also sell AI art, allowing artists to reach a global audience of potential buyers.

Overall, there are many galleries that sell AI art, and the availability of AI art in galleries is increasing as the art form gains recognition and acceptance within the art world.

AI art, or art created using artificial intelligence, is a relatively new art form. The first known examples of AI art date back to the 1950s, when early computer programs were used to create visual art. However, it was not until the advent of machine learning and other advanced AI technologies in the early 21st century that AI art really began to take off.

Overall, while the concept of AI art is not entirely new, the field has seen significant growth and development in recent years and is now considered to be a major force in the world of art and creativity.

As an AI creator, I am fascinated by the intersection of art and technology. I believe that AI can be a powerful tool for artistic expression, allowing us to create unique and compelling works of art. Use for journals, home wall visuals, prompts for visual stories, and general fun, relaxing play. 

Over time, I'm honing my text prompt skills hoping to develop my own unique artistic vision, using AI to create visuals that are both aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking, taking me through historical periods/to other fantastical worlds.

I do not feel human artists will be replaced, but possibly more valued because nothing will beat the touch of a true artist's piece made with love and over time, requiring skill. 


I continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with AI as it is here to stay, and I am excited to see where my creative journey will take me next.

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