Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hi beautiful soul,

I'm Tracey-anne -  author and artist. My non-de plume is Felicity Haversham. I created this name so that I can experiment with different styles of writing genres without getting bogged down with needing to be a set way. So, please, don't get confused when you see both names on publications.  I guess it's really down to allowing myself to be more, it's why I created this site - to share varying topics through art and words.

Thank you for popping over. I hope to see you again soon.



Moon: Scorpio
Rising: Cancer
Venus: Aries

Enneagram 4

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this is me...

loves tea * home * art * writing * nonsensical stuff

pretty ordinary * yet thinks outside the box * loves flowers & crystals * researches myth & folklore * dreamer * idealist with a logical mind * eyes of a person tells all * into mystical shit * mum was a hippy * aesthetically pleasing, please * non-conformist * loves displays of genuine kindness * would wear a daisy crown * prefer silver to gold * raw over polished * very visual * want to beautify everything * non-perfect * human * adore banter * always learning * open to different views * harm ye none * aunt is witchy * family asd folk * otherworlds draw me * curious * knowing * romantic soul but cynical mind * never finished school * higher educated * had a papier-mache stall * art dolls published in U.S magazines * exhibited in a Canadian art gallery * wrote a novel * like marmite but not twiglets * still adjusting to herbal teas * factual books over fiction * indian head massage * aromatherapy * professional manicurist * Manager in charities * dental nurse * rub feet together habit * tap feet when annoyed * self-reflective * love history * empath * have adult children * have grandchildren * blessed * petite * helpful *

night chill
crystal beauty
What can I say?
hiya ;o)
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