Blessings and welcome. 

This page is dedicated to angels. You can explore different visuals for personal use or incorporate them into your beautiful home. 

I wanted to share with you a story that I wrote about a woman who had lost her inner light to the point where she felt it had almost completely faded from view. She was experiencing what is known as 'The Dark Night of the Soul'. It is a time when everything once stable appears to crumble around you. You fall down amongst the rubble of broken dreams and fear that your strength has faded so much that you'll never get up. 

Yet, in the midst of emotional chaos, someone, or something can re-ignite that flame that once burnt so bright inside you. It feels like a miracle that when in the pit of despair magic can happen when you least expect it. 

This is a story of getting back up after life tears you down. To not give in to the struggle. To just take each hour, each day, each month, each year, as it comes. 

It is a story of healing and starting over.

Learning to love yourself so that your cup is filled after being empty for so long. 


Angel 's Realm




Eleven Eleven

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