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Fabulous people who share info and give inspiration

I think people on their own journey really appreciate others that freely share their wisdom being on a journey themselves. This is a page where you will find links so that you can discover them, too. 

I'll be adding more soon.

Eva Deverell, also known as Lady Writer, has a bountiful website full of helpful information on writing and PDF printables available for FREE. I'm amazed at all of the work she puts in to share so much with other writers. She also offers an online writing course.

Her site has featured on many writers blogs. Please, do pop over and have a wander through all of the wonderfully laid out resources offered. You won't be disappointed. 

Jenna Moreci. She's too funny. Love her.

Authors giving advice

I was going through a really rough patch and searched for some inspiration. Anne Rice really helped with this video. 

Ellen Brock

Ellen Brock is a freelance novel editor who has worked with hundreds of clients on perfecting and polishing their manuscripts. She owns her own editing company that provides a variety of editing services to current and aspiring authors. She loves empowering writers to make the most of their novels, whether they're seeking a traditional publishing deal or are looking to self publish. For more information about Ellen, her services, and her clients, visit her website above.

Jill Williamson

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