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The Daydreamer

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Dreaming a dream come true

There are many ways to be free. One of them is to transcend reality by imagination, as I try to do. — Anaïs Nin

Consider that the only place we are truly free to feel what we feel and to desire what we desire, without consequence or reprisal, is in our imaginations. The phrase, “That’s just your imagination,” underestimates the power and energy of a robust imaginative life.

Thoughts become things

What we imagine affects our bodily chemistry. When we imagine doing something novel in our lives, it primes the brain to provide opportunities to actualize that wish—in fact, the very act of imagining stretches and strengthens the capacities of our brains. 


When we imagine something positive—whether it be sexual, athletic, creative, or artistic—we activate positive predispositions and chemicals in the brain and body. Imagination when used in certain ways produces healthy amounts of dopamine and oxytocin in the brain, which increases pleasure and feelings of attachment. Dopamine also influences well-being, alertness, learning, creativity, attention, and concentration. Creative image-making enhance many aspects of our functioning and bring us more happiness and life satisfaction.


CreativeThought is Powerful

Nip negativity in the bud! 

Chill and enjoy escapism for the playful activity it is. 

Lay on the sofa, or in bed, and visualise 

things that make you feel good.

Create a happier you

In life, we can become so brutally knocked about from being on its roller coaster that we can forget to dream. It seems childish, perhaps too idealist to dream of things that seem so beyond our reach - but that's when daydreaming is more important than ever.

I know it's hard to imagine a better place or way of being when feeling bogged down, hurt, crushed, but shifting your perspective can reap big rewards. With more practice, it will become easier, like a muscle being neglected for a long time that needs to be used to become mastered again.


Your mind's eye through visuals and feels can release chemicals that trick your body into believing that what you feel is actually true, and happening as you imagine it. This goes for thinking negatively too. That's why it is so important to not remain in negativity for long.


Allow yourself time to heal, to cry, but then to help the next stage of healing, you need to shift your focus to what feels good. If you've forgotten, remember the feels of a time that you were happy so that your mind, your body, experiences that joy again without having to wait. Don't attach to a place or person, just to how you felt. Feel the warmth. Embrace and stay there a while. Soon you will be able to recall the 'feels' much easier when down to shift a negative mood. 

This isn't about not feeling negativity, we all do, but after letting the pain out, reflection, then redirecting focus to remember how to feel better after pain. It is a tool.

Many people are good at visualising for a couple of days but then forget to do it. Persistence is the key. Use little pieces around the home or office to remind you, triggers, aids, of the feels you want to attract. 

When you imagine a certain future, how does it make you feel?

Choose the good feels.

Do something each day that gets you closer to your goals. Even if it’s a bad day, do one small thing.

We all have doubts about our capabilities, doubts about our potential, we even have doubts about our dreams. Stop taking it so seriously. Have fun with the process and doubt will disappear as doesn't matter when in playful mode. That's why children seem to have no fear or restraint, they're playing and enjoying the moment not focused on making mistakes as they're not attaching 'life' to the doing.


We learn through mistakes but sometimes the negative experiences we've had, make us too cautious and we forget to be playful and fun - our baggage stops us from experimenting due to fear. 

Approach manifesting as a playful tool. 

Manifesting is a process of creating specific outcomes for yourself in reality by visualising and taking action. 

Be unwavering in your certainty of what you want.

Remember that manifesting is co-creating; it is bringing to you something that you do not yet see. 

Use your imagination with intentional focus.

Set real-life goals

Daydreaming isn’t manifesting per se, it is embracing the feeling that you want to create.

Your every vibration manifests constantly, with or without you knowing. 

We don't have to know how everything happens in order to make it happen. When you think about the "how" you will bring doubt and anxiety to yourself, which will hinder the manifestation process of what you want, and bring about what you don't want.

So, rather than concentrating on goals, get in touch with positive feels again. Visualisation helps you do this. I think we can get lost in the outcome instead of enjoying the moment - the simple feeling of comfort and joy without worry or fear nagging, weighing heavy at the back of our minds.

It's like looking back at a happy photograph, you can't help but smile as you're remembering the immediate feeling. Capture that feel - hold it in your heart and keep smiling that bit longer. Don't dwell on missing that time, nostalgia, but embrace the happiness you felt at first. Isn't that what you would like to remember, not the negative? 

When you're doing what you love it creates the same feels, instinctively you are holding on to the moment as you get lost in the doing of the thing you love. Nothing else exists and time flies - all because you're embracing the positive action and how it makes you feel. If you didn't like it, time would go slow, you wouldn't feel good or motivated - this is the difference of where your focus is laid.

When ready, choose to feel the better feels.

Start with uplifting music, dancing is exercise, a mood booster too! Even if you just sway and mime the words, this is better than overthinking and continuous worry. Try and find ways to place your focus on a positive thing. Imagination is free and forever at your disposal. 

The basic idea behind manifesting and the law of attraction is that if you spend enough time thinking about something, you will subconsciously act in ways that make that thing more likely to happen.


But what about the daydreamer who has spent months – years sometimes – daydreaming that something would happen and it never did.

Remember when you were young, you would imagine a thing but not hold on to the outcome. Within a short space of time, your focus went elsewhere and you forgot about it while you went and lived life. I think many of us tend to depressingly hang on to the dreams and ponder for too long daydreaming the what-ifs, etc, instead of thinking about it and then moving on. Attachment holds us back. Daydream it, feel it, let it go.

This is where mood/LOA boards or journals are great. You can daydream it, feel it, close the journal, letting go - releasing. Revisit daily, or as often as you like, once a week is okay, too. Whatever works for you, but do not swell there getting lost in what-ifs and end up feeling deflated because transformation/opportunities aren't happening fast enough. Everything in life is about the journey, this is no exception.  

Use your daydreaming skills to take yourself into the future and experience what it is like once you have that thing, how it changes you, what it adds to your life. And then bring that experience into the present. Live like the person you will become. Feel the love, gratitude and abundance that are on their way to you. When you live as the person you want to be, you will naturally attract the life you want to live.

Everything is made up of ENERGY. The mind is energy: Whatever you dominantly think you become.

Manifestation involves visualisation or daydreaming along with emotions, intention, and doing - taking action.

Daydreaming, imagining, pretending and ‘make believe’ are all ways of describing how to manifest. It's basically about shifting perspective and focusing on what's important to you.

Daydreaming is a tool for visualisation towards manifesting a life you desire. Feels and then the action, the doing steps towards that life/style.

Don't overthink it. Have fun. If it's not fun you're taking it too seriously and focusing too much on the outcome and not the journey of living in between. It's your storybook - a creation personal to you and the process is meant to be enjoyed not forced. 

Relax. Enjoy the process of where imagination can take you and soak in the good feels along the way.

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Others Words...

There are different degrees of manifestation, from subtlest consciousness to the grossest solid matter. It’s a spectrum. Manifestations begin with prakasha, the light of awareness, which then travels down the tattva “tower” into sound vibration called spanda, into the phoneme called matrika, to differential thought called vikalpas, which form referential thoughts, which form images, and so on… Daydreams are a blend of vikalpas all the way up to the most subtle manifestation of consciousness.

Your dominant thoughts, passionate words, and intense feelings will make an impression in your subconscious mind. This makes up your beliefs or attitude then determines your actions.

Dominate Thoughts + Passionate words + Intense feelings = Beliefs 

Beliefs + Actions = Reality 

Thoughts > words > feelings > actions = Reality

There is creative power in your dominant thoughts, passionate words, and intense emotions. This is called your emotional output or attitude. This attitude or emotional output vibrates out in an electromagnetic wave at a frequency.

Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way – unknown

What you persistently concentrate on, dwell or feed upon, with EMOTION, attracts and expands.

Whatever energy you give out in word or deed, you receive back. The LOA matches your energy vibration. What goes around, comes around, on the wheel of life.

Imagination is allowing your mind to explore possibilities. It's where invention, solution, creativity and inspiration derive.

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