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Image by Joanna Kosinska

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by felicity

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My Fairy Tale come true

I feel so blessed. My life has become so incredible, beyond anything I had dreamed. I'm sitting here still surprised at how quickly everything changed for the better and I am so very grateful. 

I live in my dream home. An amazingly beautiful semi-detached victorian home in South London. It is huge and has lots of light streaming through the tall sash windows.

I have my own art room and office which are so inspiring and inviting. I love creating in these rooms and feel totally motivated.

There's space for all the family in this forever home. It has a walled mature garden, cottage-style, and nearly 150ft long. There is a whimsical sanctuary grotto at the end of the wildflower lawn, which is entered by opening a pair of ornate doors, hand-carved by a local artisan. 

As I sit at my desk, I remain in awe of the enormity of my dreams that true. I hold a rose quartz crystal angel in my right hand. This is how I show my gratitude for what I have. I say aloud, 'thank you' as knowing that I'm blessed.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

I feel so good. I look good too - healthier. My skin is clear and sun-kissed. I have a self-love pampering routine in which I take time out to care for my body and mind. I've been doing this for over a year now, and it was one of the best things I've ever done.

My wardrobe is only filled with clothes that I love and make me feel good. I buy what I like and enjoy every item of clothing. 

I dress my home the same way - only with pretties that speak to my soul. I apply this motto to everything in life. 

I have my own business now - Soul Speak. It's like I'm living a totally different life - so much has improved. My business allows me to be totally free, independent, and self-sufficient. I have wealth that allows me to share this abundance with family and friends. Soul Speak enables me to reach out to the world from my home. I'm living my life purpose, creating from a place of passion, light, and love. I wake up ready to work for it feels more like continuing a dream. A wish that came true. 

During the transformation of my life, I met my husband most unexpectedly. We fell in love as each of us saw the light of the other. 

Image by Joanna Kosinska

He is so gentle-hearted but strong - faithful, honest, loyal, and true. He makes me laugh and is good at banter. Intelligent and creative. He works a simple job, one he loves, helping people. I'm so proud of him and remind him often. He is affectionate, romantic, caring and compassionate. His strengths compliment my weaknesses, and my strengths compliment his weaknesses - together we are incredible, balanced, and always work as a team. We talk for hours sometimes about abstract things like the stars, ancient civilisations, films and art. Our conversations can be philosophical or silly playful. I love it. He just knows me so well and I him. He will hug me as I cook or wash up, and I still melt at his touch. When he cooks, I 'll sneak up and try and make him jump - it's my love style and he adores it. His family and mine seem part of the same, full of loving, interesting characters. We laugh a lot together and spend as much time with our families as possible because we cherish them and we're thankful to be this blessed. We snuggle on the sofa and chill, sometimes in silence as so wrapped up in love and both knowing this is it...this is what loves all about - just being. He appreciates me as I appreciate him. Our love grows more with each day. He will leave me little notes and surprise me with hand-picked flowers or a text with an image of something he knows I'll love. He is complete by himself, as am I, but together we have become improved by the sharing of genuine caring and respect.
Blessed and grateful.


I wrote several books, some are novels, some tablebook magazines, journals, and an oracle guidance book - the companion to cards. Each has been created from my heart to a vision that came true - became real. I'm still in awe at how thoughts become things. My soul kept whispering to follow my heart and I listened. I allowed myself to try different ways of doing things. I spent hours creating pieces for Soul Speak. I believed in the vision so much. I had found my niche in the world. Found my soul tribe. It just happened, I'm still wrapping my head around the whole dreams fulfilled thing, it really happened overnight. My bank account grew and the first thing I brought from this new abundance was my home. Then, I brought homes for my children. It felt great to be able to financially care for them in this way. We all live near each other now and it's a fabulous community where we live. The neighbours are wonderful. We look out for each other. When there are street parties people from the neighbouring streets pop over. So many great memories have been made already. There are so many kind lovely people around me in various ways, and we all support each other. It's very special. 

I've found that if you follow your soul speak, you'll discover new paths and doors will open. It's like everything just flows, it goes right with minimum effort. Life becomes easy. Then, one day, it just happens - you did it, you're living the dream

Image by Joanna Kosinska

I look back and see the positive changes in myself and my environment - progress seemed gradual at the time, but the results of transformation were delivered quick. I remember being giddy with joy
- I had done it, won, fulfilled my dreams, one by one. Life is wonderful...magical. My story has turned into a fairy tale ending - a happy ever after.

I'm staring at the photograph of my wedding, my fingers gently touch my hubbies face - I'm so lucky. All of our friends and family wear smiles, it's warming to my heart. 

I turn to the books I created that sit on the edge of my desk. I love them all and I'm so proud of myself in that moment. I did that. I made them beauties.
I laugh at myself as I feel childlike admiring my accomplishments, but it's real and honest. All of these creations hold pieces of me. It's why I resonate with my work still. It's authentic. 


Image by Joanna Kosinska
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