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Paperbacks - pdf - Hardbacks - Journals

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Novels, Prose, and Poetry


Here are my books,

fiction under Tracey-anne McCartney, 

with poetry/prose, and journals,

under the pen name, Felicity Haversham.


You can buy ebooks directly from me:

You can also get my ACoPF book for free if you request it on your library app or directly from your local library.

I also offer PDF printable downloads of certain titles,

available via the shop, or Etsy - All in progress and coming soon.

There are other FREE PDFs offered for including in your own journals or planners. Please, visit the shop for more details.

ACoPF - A Carpet of Purple Flowers - Published

AiPD - Awake in Purple Dreams - In Process - Future Release

My novel was first published by Urbane Publications, 

and I now self-publish the series as an indie author.

For the paper/hardback novels, I use Lulu who distributes internationally. If you have any problems purchasing outside of the U.K, please, do drop me a line using the contact link at the bottom of this page. 

To celebrate book two's release,

I have created hardback editions with new covers, which will be available once AiPD is published. I'm really excited to offer these as previously Amazon, unlike Lulu, did not make this an option. 

As a reader, I much prefer hardbacks, but realise it is not every readers' choice and can be more expensive, offering options such as the PDF download. 

I love visuals, and a cover is quite important to me. With this in mind, for the PDF home printable versions, I'm including a few different cover design versions which you can directly download from here. It's not necessary but playful and added as a little extra. I designed them for the joy it brought and rather than keep them stored away, wanted to share them with you. 

future writing projects

Companion Books

Short books created to explain certain aspects of the  ACoPF Series in more detail. Sharing where I drew inspiration from. 

The worlds, the Sindria, Deisi, Jonathan and Kitty's stories.

Book Three - ACoPF

11:11 Novel under Pen Name

Felicity Haversham

FREE Downloadable Oracle Cards

Oracle cards and guide storybook based on life's journey,

obstacles, joys, and lessons.

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