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I created these cards while writing the draft for the novel 11:11. Lots of things come to me when I'm in the flow, and these just happened. 

You can download and use them if you wish, adapt them for a personal project in your journal. Use as a prompt?

Place in a beautiful 'v' envelope that is meant to show the piece inside of a junk journal.

Download individually or as a set.

The choice is yours.

A gift from me to you






Only to be used for personal use

- not commercial.

Right-click on the card you want and open the image in a new tab.

Then, 'save image as'. 

Or, copy and paste into word. Resize to desired printable.

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Soul Feel - gentle strength

Take your time and love yourself while stuck in the unknown challenges of life.

It's exhausting but you WILL get through difficulties. You are not alone, it's not just you going through troubles unspoken. Be gentle with yourself. You are not weak. You are tired. Let go of attachment to a problem. Rest. Heal. This is gentle strength - self-love. Nurturing. 

Home - soothing unwind

Your sacred sanctuary to just be you. Release the tension by lighting soy candles,  hug your fur baby or fav' human. Snuggle up on the sofa. Listen to something special that soothes your mood. Journal. Meditate. Daydream of feel-good things. Read a great book. Sketch, paint, cook, whatever that thing is that calms you. Fill your space with what is uplifting. 

Have Fun - second childhood

Life can require too much seriousness from us and this is a reminder to laugh in battle. Don't allow the tough times to beat you down. Remember the inner child who loves to dance and do, not sit quietly and watch the world go by. You need fun. You need to start laughing more. You need to do silly little things again. Life improves with lightheartedness.

Even forcing a smile when you don't feel like it is enough to lift your mood slightly (it's one example of embodied cognition).

The Wish - casting intention

This card represents the power of thought - of dreams.

There is no harm in 'wishing' a thing but remember to put in the work afterwards. The wishing is setting an intention - the fun part, to do with as you will. Next, intentionally direct yourself onto a path that will get you to where you want to be. Take the steps necessary but always have fun with the wishing and imagining on the way - it helps keep focus. xoxo

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