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Change begins in your mind
you build a life you love by changing your thinking.

Being curious can be the start of incredible undertakings in your life.

What is it you want to do?

begin with a belief that change is possible.

small steps

I learned and accepted that I played a part in my own bad experiences. I own the choices I made.

committing a tiny amount of time, each day to something you desire can help you create a life you love

Understand your own part in every single thing that happens to you; you actually gain power

release the past energy and not fall for those situations again

Begin to live a meaningful life that is uniquely yours

committing a tiny amount of time, each day to something you desire can help you create a life you love

Actively look for ways to be thankful

As humans we experience lots of feelings. The more we learn to recognise them, allow, and accept them, the more balanced we'll feel.

Life coaching helps us identify the things holding us back but also allows us know what we're already doing well

Talk about things that you find negative

- release them 

never sugar-coat pain

face it

refuse to let it fester and get buried for a later date

it's not shameful

nor weak

It's bravery at it's most finest hour

 try to see beauty, love, and value in ordinary things

Find something to appreciate in the most mundane

a cup of tea

a piece of art


When I commit, I don’t stop until it gets done

just keep on moving in the right direction, small steps, until the thing is done

Have a good heart

do care

but extend this to yourself first

you are so incredible

bad things happen

good things happen

take each day as it comes

expect nothing

enjoy what you have right now

even if it feels like you have nothing worth enjoying

life is a cycle of ups and downs

love yourself for ALL that you are

imperfect brilliance

you are the the only person you can change

Do something without being good at it.

If you stick with it, you will develop competence.

outside the box is where magic happens

Being comfortable in your own skin is essential to creating a life you love.

Speak your truth 

Relationships usually don’t end because of one thing. They often end because of long periods of neglect.

Having healthy boundaries is about what
YOU will do if someone does something

Setting a boundary is saying what you will do if someone repeats a behaviour. don’t need anyone to change for you to feel better.

If others don’t want to change, then they won’t.

You can’t control how others act or what they say. Learn to manage your own mind: your own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

There is where your true power resides, beautiful soul.

Is life happy every momentIs life happy every moment? No, most of the time life is ordinary.

Simply, beautifully, ordinary.

Embrace it for what it is and enjoy the blandness.

Be grateful that you're here because in all that ordinary you are unquie 

No-one can bring what you do to the world in the same way. 

you are the expert at knowing where you are going wrong
stop focusing on that and focus on what you are doing right

Pain and bad times are parts of growing up

now you're grown, life can be hard

but don’t mentally grow old

rekindle the fun spirit and curiosity that the past version of you released into the world

It's still there you know - that magic

it just got buried under all the baggage of hurts gathered over time

 It’s not selfish to want to have a life you love

 try to see beauty, love, and value in ordinary things

Happiness is not a goal.

There is not a perfect place where you will feel happy all the time or even most of the time.

This is a lie that our brains tell us, and is echoed on social media, but it holds us back. 

Quit the belief that ANYTHING you do will make you happy on a permanent basis. How you are 'right now' is enough and always has been.

Trying to seek that perfect blissful state long-term is setting yourself up for failure - unobtainable.

Instead, laugh at your mistakes

accept and release pain and hurts

let go after that acceptance is achieved -

scream, go into stig mode (for a while), cry, let it all out.

Then heal beautiful...heal hard. See the person before you and accept all the flaws as well as the greatness.

For you ARE a combination of both - we all are, no matter what mask you may see portrayed.

Do not permit the circumstances of your life dictate who you are. They're just that, circumstances, they are not YOU. 

Bad stuff happens. Heartbreaking and defeating, but

so does the better stuff too. Unexpected moments of joy that become memories. If that happened, then it can and will happen again. Possibly, when you least expect it. That's the magic and beauty of being human, there are no guarantees, but change is always guaranteed. So, if it's bed now, it will change, and yes, if it's good that will change too. The thing to remember is that you know both come, both go. 

Embrace that. Embrace the knowing of that one truth.

When you know change will happen it prepares you  to learn and accept that moment - positive or negative. Feel those times for what they are - cycles of life just like the seasons.

Appreciate the now.

decide what you really want
and need then take steps to make it happen

Most of us have been taught to be nice to people, to say or do things that make them feel better. We put aside our own needs for what someone else needs.

You’ve been taught to be unselfish and giving.

Perhaps now, you feel so tired and exhausted. You look in the mirror and ydon't recognise the person you see anymore. You feel that something is missing.

I know what it is...that loss - it's of self.

That deep and trusting relationship you had with your old self before the crazy circumstances of life happened.

That old self is just that - past. You've evolved without realising. The painful experiences make you want to find what made you feel comfortable in the past. That version of you no longer serves the newness of transformation.

Where do you start to find yourself again?

Start living your truth.

If you feel something - say it. 

Create boundaries.

Say no to pleasing others before yourself.

Start to fall in love with you again.

Wounds turn into scars. They are a warrior's story.

Your story. We all have scars.

When you decide to do something,
you will find solutions

A way towards healing...


Practice feeling creative.

It doesn’t matter how.

Being creative simply means you create something.

It can be anything.

Find a simple craft on Pinterest to try.  Perhaps, write a poem. Start a journal. Edit Unsplash photos.

Find ways to do something you’ve never done before.

Even if you don’t think you are creative, you can discover your own style of creativity by trying new things.

The best start of any creative project is FUN. Don't false yourself, but instead search for something that appeals to your soul. Don't attach the feeling of outcome to what you try. Just keep it fun.  

Keep trying new things this way - with no other objective, which means no pressure. No fear of failing.

Creativity requires that you be a beginner and that you have fun. If you enjoy the thing you choose, It will form into something you couldn’t even visualise when your creative journey begun.

It doesn’t give you the good stuff until you have played around and experimented. During this time, without you even knowing, you've gained experience. Learned what works for you and what doesn't. 

doing new things ignites the creative muse

It's not comfortable placing boundaries, but neccessary for your healing and protection.

I'm not speaking about putting up emotional walls.

Boundaries represent protecting personal values and are are a part of self worth. 

It can be difficult to say what you really think as opposed to what you think people want to hear.

You don't want to hurt people, but by not saying what you mean, loud and clear, you'll be hurting yourself instead. 

nothing is more attractive than someone that loves themself 
and only communicates from a place of truth.

Start saying no to things that you don't want to do

and saying yes to things you want that perhaps other people won’t understand.

Remember...happiness does not depend on other people or things. One is unreliable, the other fleeting.

Concerntrate on the doable things in the day-to-day.

don't chase happiness
this will only cause frustration


Don't choose the quick fixes - the fake happy things.

You know what they are - the ones that give a temporary high.

Once you have an idea about something you want to do, ask yourself what you need to feel in order to take that action. 

Instead of trying to be happy, try to feel of these and see what happens.

authenticness - curious - committed - creative - thankful - present - connected - determined

Try feeling them on purpose and see what happens.

When you commit to something 100%, then you will achieve it. 
This you can control—your own thoughts and actions.thiss

When you are determined to do something, you don’t have to know how to do the whole thing.

Take the small action which is right in front of you.

Do that—and the next action will reveal itself in the doing.

Remember the brain loves its tried and true circuits, way of being. You might want to change but your brain is invested in keeping you just the way you are. That’s why it is so important to know yourself.

if we don’t change too much, it’s because our primitive brain is running the show.
Develop the skill of examining and understanding what you do right, don't focus on the negatives.

it's all in the doing of a thing

Re-newed focus CAN change your life again


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