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A surge in popularity of the film was possible because of screenwriter Bollywood director Gurinder Chadha who wanted to fight terrorism through film scripts. The success of the film gained for her the chance to direct the Jane Austen comedy Sliding Doors and the comedy K9. The film was also a major box-office success in Tamil and a major hit among Hindi audience.

The film was remade as Airlift from 2013, a Telugu film starring Prabhas which was hugely successful, considering the film failed at the box office and was pulled from release. Both portrayals of the airlift were critically praised.

The film's screenplay was nominated for the Best Original Screenplay at the British Academy Film Awards in 1994 and won best dialogue at the American Cinema Awards in 1994. The film was also nominated at the Filmfare Awards for Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Comic Role for Madhavan, Filmfare Award for Best Film and Filmfare Award for Best Director. Siddique won Best Director and Best Film award in International Film Festival of India, 1994. The film was also nominated at the Star Screen Awards for best film and best director. The film was also named as the Tamil Film of the Year in 1994 by film magazine Kalvi.

The film won awards for best director and best film at the Gouda Film Festival in 1993 and also received the Youth Achievers Award. The film won four awards at the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards. The film director Sidique has said "Most of the film's success is due to the fact that audiences tend to connect with the characters. The script remains businesslike, but conversant with the appealing nature of the human drama. While some people 'get' the characters, others appreciate their drama." After the success of Pokkiri and Enthiran in Hindi, Bollywood gained an interest in making films in the Tamil language and the success of Pokkiri and Enthiran lead to more Hindi movies to be dubbed into Tamil. d2c66b5586


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