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Download Laundry Files Zip [NEW]

Do you need to download a folder from GitHub? GitHub doesn't give you the option to download a specific folder directly, but you can still easily do so using a third-party tool. GitHub does allow you to download an entire repository through the website, as well as clone a repository to your computer using GitHub Desktop. This wikiHow teaches you 3 ways to save GitHub folders and repositories to your computer.

Download Laundry Files zip

Download Zip:

Undergraduate residents can also download the Speed Queen laundry app using the button at the bottom of the page. The app allows you to operate laundry machines, monitor availability, and receive notifications.

You can use a credit card, debit card, or your Cavalier Advantage account to add funds to your Speed Queen account. A $10 minimum deposit is required. Current laundry machine fees are $1.75 per washer or dryer cycle.

The laundry facilities offered by Housing & Residence Life are currently contracted to Caldwell & Gregory, Inc. If you think you were charged twice or need a refund, please report it to Caldwell & Gregory:

Generally, mornings and early afternoons are good times to do laundry! If use times are staggered, you will usually have no difficulty finding available machines. You can help keep machines free by promptly removing your clothing when your load has finished. The time for a washer load to finish varies based on the cycle you choose, and there is a time display on all machines that tells you how long the cycle will run. A dryer load normally takes about an hour.

All laundry must be washed in designated laundry rooms, not in sinks, bathtubs, or in-apartment washing machines (which are on the prohibited items list and can result in termination of your stay in University housing). The only exceptions are housing units where the washing machine is furnished by Housing & Residence Life.

Machines in graduate and faculty/staff housing areas accept only "Clean Cash" laundry cards. These cards are issued to all residents at check-in and must be returned to Housing & Residence Life when residents move out.

An allotment of free laundry loads is included as part of your monthly rent. Unused amounts do not carry forward to the next month. The number of free loads is dependent on the number of occupants on your housing agreement:

After the first day of the month, residents are required to "charge" the Clean Cash card in order to receive the monthly allowance. Cards must be reloaded at any of the Add Value Stations in the laundry rooms at:

If you require more loads than the laundry allotment will cover, you can add funds to your card at your cost. To add more funds, use the Add Value Station in your laundry room and follow the directions in the "How do I add funds to my laundry card?" section above.

If you lose your card, please report the loss to Our office will de-activate the lost card and make arrangements for you to pick up a replacement card at Gibbons House. For single-resident (green) laundry cards, the replacement cost is $41.50. For family (red) laundry cards, the replacement cost is $59. The replacement cost will be billed in the same way as your monthly rent.

The laundry facilities offered by Housing & Residence Life are currently contracted to Caldwell & Gregory, Inc. Any machine malfunctions or loss of money should be reported to Caldwell & Gregory, Inc. at 800.927.9274 (800.927.WASH). This number is also posted in the laundry rooms. You can also report issues to

In the update, your laundry tasks are about to get a little longer. When in-game, your Sims will need a Totally Necessary towel set. This does not work with other cc Towels or EA towels yet. Each time they take a shower or bath, the towel usage will go down by one until you'll either need to buy another set or do laundry. Each set has a count of 2 uses before your Sim will need to do laundry to restart the count.

About using images as download files:It is not supported to use an image as a download file by our plugin to prevent conflicts with the media library. If you want to offer one or more images as download file, you can use a compressed .zip file that contains your image(s).

Netflix is probably the most heavily-used streaming service around, but did you know you could download certain TV and movies from the service on a mobile device? This is perfect for times when you want to limit how much mobile data you use or if you'll be without an internet connection for a while, such as a long flight. But first, just how do you actually download movies from Netflix? It couldn't be simpler.

Though how you get there will depend on which version of the app you're using, on most mobile apps all you have to do is find the "downloads" icon at the bottom of the app to see all the content you've downloaded. If this is your first time, just hit the "Find more to download" button and you'll be taken to a section that shows only the movies and TV shows that you can download.

Once you find a program you want to download, just tap it the way you would if you were going to stream it. For movies this will bring you to the title screen, with a big play button at the top, some details about the movie in the middle, and two options: "My List" and a "Download" button with a down arrow. For TV shows you'll see a similar setup, but the down arrow download button is located next to the titles of each individual episode.

By default, all content you download from Netflix is in "standard quality." At that setting most hour-long TV shows rang in at around 250MB or so. Movies were a bit bigger, ranging from around 500MB to 1GB depending on the length and content. By default you can only download these movies over Wi-Fi so that they don't eat up all your data if you're on a limited plan. If you really want to download and you don't have Wi-Fi, just hit download and, when prompted, hit "Download Now" to force it to use cellular data.

In this same App Settings menu there's a check box for "Wi-Fi Only" which is checked by default. Just uncheck the option and you can download off of Wi-Fi. Just be aware that this will completely tear up your data plan if you're not careful. You'll also be prompted to make this change any time you force the app to download over cellular data.

For Android, the answer is yes, but only for certain devices that have a microSD card slot. If you have such a phone with a microSD card installed, just go to app settings and you can designate a "download location" that is either the internal memory or the memory card. The downloads still expire, but you can at least take advantage of the extra storage space provided by your card. 041b061a72


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