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Is Ucsf Pharmacy Hard To Get Into

Pharmacy school is a very difficult and long program, however you walk out of school making six figures. Nursing on the other hand is mentally and physically demanding, and the salaries are never near what you deserve for all the responsibility involved. Being a nurse and seeing pain and suffering on a daily basis changes you. For UCSF School of Pharmacy, there is no requirement stating that you must have a B.S. If you wanted to attend UCSD Pharmacy, you would need to have a B.S.

But as for UCSF, as long as you complete all of the requirements listed, you should be able to apply. I think they might give people with a B.S. priority over those who do not. I could make a wise crack and say “it’s hard, very hard.”. This is a public link for the UCSF web site for the class that will graduate in 2020: Successful Applicant Profile: Class of 2021. And, there is data on the same site about the # of out-of-state admissions, which is about 32% of the total.

Is Ucsf Pharmacy Hard To Get Into - Discount Place

Is Ucsf Pharmacy Hard To Get Into - Discount Place

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