New Distributor & Cover - ACoPF

I'm now using Lulu and Smashwords for publishing novels. Because of this transition, I decided to create new covers. The eBook is now called 'Heaven Stone' under 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers Series' Title.

The reason for changing the title was to make the books easier to navigate as previous titles were quite long. Although, I loved them and were appropriate for the stories, they needed to be easier to find, say, and remember.

When I first published, I wanted to create a more romantic poetic feel, but now I want to make it clear, uncomplicated. So, on moving my publishing direction, I also decided to make this big change to match that shift.

It's been quite tough choosing what design to use as so many spiritual elements of the underlying story jump out at me. However, I want the book to appeal to people that are not into fantasy/spiritual elements as these are very subtle in the books. The covers still represent a fantasy feel, but not so dreamy romantic, which I tend to feel drawn to on a personal level. Can't help it, but I've been trying to tame my romantic whimsical side when designing. Be more detached. It's tough. Lol.

I completely created the cover and formatted myself, and it has been an interesting journey. Most platforms for publishing have their own requirements, all are different. Amazon KDP felt pretty easy, but I'd say the formatting of interiors in general is the more challenging to navigate, especially on 'Smashwords'.

I want to offer hardback versions, too, and have an idea of little companion books sharing their world in more depth. This means new templates and redesigning covers to fit, etc. When I purchase books, I tend to prefer hardbacks, I love the larger sizing. We'll see, I've got lots to do, including more on this site, and a new venture in designing journals under Felicity Haversham. I did this so less confusing, I think. ;o)

My plan, fingers crossed, is to publish book two in time for a New Year release. Again, that will have a new title under the series umbrella of 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers'. I'd love to be able a hardback edition, but that may come later. If life permits, this will be accomplished. If there is a delay, it will be worth the extra little wait.

Just so that you're aware. Book Three, Shining Sword, is in draft stage. After I've published book two, my time can then move to this special 'future' set novel in the series. It excites me as I've waited so long to get to this point. I was very ill and there was a lot going on in my life that I wasn't able to control, hence the sad delay in releasing book two.