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How Much Are Beats Headphones At Best Buy

The AirPods Pro are more expensive at $249 / 249 / AU$399, and the AirPods Max are the most expensive at $549 / 549 / AU$89. All models are regularly discounted (though not by much) - read our guide to the best AirPods deals for the latest price cuts.

how much are beats headphones at best buy

Yes. The best Apple headphones for working out are the Powerbeats Pro, thanks to their earhook design and sweatproof IPX4 rating. Other models, like the AirPods Pro have an IPX4 rating, but their design means they're more liable to fall out during vigorous exercise.

The best AirPods and Apple headphones are top-quality in terms of sound, performance, and features. While these earbuds and headphones typically sit at a higher price range like most Apple products, they will give you your money's worth.

Apple headphones used to be synonymous with the flimsy EarPods that came with every new iPhone. They did the job, but not particularly well. Fast-forward to now, and Apple is a true contender in the audio tech space. In fact, offerings in its AirPods and Beats headphones lines are among the best wireless earbuds and best over-ear headphones on the market. (Apple acquired the Beats audio tech brand back in 2014, thereby expanding its audio portfolio considerably.)

We've tested every single pair of AirPods and Apple headphones that have been released, including the AirPods Pro 2, which are our current top pick, and the AirPods Max, which is the best-sounding option if you have money to spare. We've put together this list for you, noting their special features and specs to help you find the most ideal choice based on your needs, budget, and preferences.

Apple headphones aren't just limited to AirPods. The best Beats headphones are worth checking out, as well. They might not have Apple written on them, but Apple owns the Beats audio tech brand. These days, there are lots of different Beats headphones to choose from, including in-ear headphones for sports, true wireless earbuds that give the AirPods Pro a run for their money, and comfortable pairs of on-ear headphones that make your music shine.

Finally, consider whether you definitely want a pair of earbuds or headphones from Apple. As you can see from this guide, Apple creates some excellent audio products, but if you're on a budget you might be disappointed by the lack of options here and can generally find a solid pair of all-rounder buds or headphones much cheaper elsewhere.

In our guide above, we've listed all of the best Apple AirPods. And, because there aren't many models available, most of the Apple AirPods and Beats headphones you can buy today are included. However, that's not because we want to fill up the guide but because all of the products we've listed are genuinely excellent, all offering a brilliant Apple-esque design, solid sound and good features, too. 041b061a72


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