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Bluefish 2.2.5 is a minor bug fix release but has also quite some new features.The syntax scanning engine is faster after small changes to the text. Thefilebrowser is also much faster with less memory usage, with various fixes andnew features. Projects now store the active document and active line numbers.Indenting is improved in auto-completion and the smart indenting. Bookmarks andpaste special also have been improved. On OSX there are many improvements, suchas Mavericks support, Retina display support, working system hotkeys, nativeinput methods (Japanese, Chinese, etc.), opening files from the finder andWidget bindings on MacOSX are moved to Cmd+CVXA and working. Furthermorealmost all syntax highlighting has been improved, most notable jquery injavascript, HTML5, and HTML5 in PHP files. There are also many bug fixes, suchas in wrap text on right margin, in the replace engine, the jsmin licence, thesplit lines feature, the auto-recovery and many obscure bugs. Last bluefish nowhas an appdata file.

Do you need to repair multiple MS Office files or PDF documents at a single point in time Stellar File Repair Toolkit can help you perform batch recovery of multiple Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF documents in a single operation. It also helps recover all the repaired file data in a few clicks, without affecting the original formatting.

Updated the server to include a data recovery log in the default configuration. This is an audit log with a configuration optimized for enabling replay or reversion of changes should the need arise. The logger will be defined in the configuration for all new installations and updates of existing installations, but it will only be enabled by default for new installations. The log will always be compressed, and it will be encrypted if data encryption is enabled in the server. Issue:DS-37515

Added two database checkpoints to be performed in the backend prior to each online backup. If the backup is restored, this limits the database recovery time when the database environment is opened for the first time, which significantly improves the server startup time. Also, incremental backups will not contain redundant files that are unchanged from the base backup. Issue:DS-35534

Improved an error message about a possible database recovery operation that may be triggered after a database restore from a online backup or during replication binary initialization. In rare cases, the database recovery may cause a delay while opening the database. Issue:DS-16137

Change the default low-space-error-percent-threshold to 1. This will help to avoid costly database recovery and/or replication initialization operations when the directory server runs out of disk space on default installations. Issue:DS-4872

Update the dbtest tool to add an option to the list-database-containers subcommand that makes it possible to list information about only a single database. This can help improve the ability to use the tool efficiently in an environment with a very large number of entries. Add a new global configuration option which makes it possible to specify the maximum length of time that the server shutdown process may take before it attempts to interrupt threads which have not yet completed their processing. In most cases, server threads will react to a shutdown in a timely manner and no interrupt is needed. Improve the shutdown process so that it is less likely to interrupt database threads in a way that could require a lengthy recovery process at startup. The shutdown time has been improved in the general case, and in the abnormal case the server is more patient and will wait for a longer period of time to allow for a graceful shutdown, periodically providing information about the threads that are still running. Issues:1559,1583

Update the PingDirectory Server to add the ability to monitor the process of opening a Berkeley DB


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