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Iata 023 Air Waybill Download

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the only aviation global organization with a truly global presence and membership. Our more than 290 member airlines represent 99% of global passenger capacity and over 70% of global freight. Airports themselves generate over $200 billion in annual revenues. For cargo airlines, a third of revenues are associated with the air transport of cargo. The IATA Cargo Centre supports growth by acting as the voice of cargo and helping to create the best possible environment for cargo.

Iata 023 Air Waybill Download

The IATA Cargo Centre operates across Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific. It works with and represents the interests of the IATA member airlines in Europe and with their counterparts in the Americas and Asia Pacific. It is a well-known and recognized organization of cargo airlines, airports and airports operators and a leading source of information for the global cargo industry.

In the region, IATA has selected 12 carrier companies in four different groups to help improve air cargo performance and generate significant benefits for the industry. The program focuses on seven activities:

IATA is an organisation that represents airlines. It is not the air carrier. The airline would be a carrier. The airline is the operating company of any one or more co-branded carriers, and is responsible for the services provided under these branding. The carrier owns the local rights for the airline, and the airline may also own such local rights. It provides services to customers and makes arrangements for the transportation of goods and passengers.


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