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Prebacivanje Latinice U Cirilicu Word 2007 Downloadl

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Prebacivanje Latinice U Cirilicu Word 2007 Downloadl

How to Convert Latin to Cyrillic in Word 2007

If you often type texts in Word, you may have needed to convert Cyrillic text to Latin or vice versa. To do this easily and quickly, you need to install a suitable plugin or macro that allows you to perform the desired conversion with one click. In this article, we will show you some of the options you can use.

The programs we present below are tested on all versions of Microsoft Word: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019, if they use Windows operating system. For text conversion in Word on MacOS, see this guide [^1^].

The Best Program for Text Conversion in Word

The simplest program to install is Korektor Milutina SmiljaniÄa. After a classic installation of the program (Next -> Next -> Finish), Word will get two new icons on the Review tab (Redigovanje in Serbian translation), ÐÐÑÐÐÐÑÐ and Latinica [^1^].

By clicking on one of these icons, a drop-down menu will appear where you need to select Lat -> ÐÐÑ. This will start the conversion of the entire document or just the selected part, while the text formatting remains unchanged. The conversion from Latin to Cyrillic is done quite quickly, even for documents with a large number of pages.

However, what we have to criticize is the transliteration of words with letters nj and dÅ, so if you mention Tanjug, injection or the word nadÅiveti in the text, you have to correct these words manually.

In addition to converting between Latin and Cyrillic, this add-in can also do spell checking (spellcheck), word splitting into syllables as well as correcting bald Latin [^1^]. These options can be especially useful for editors who do text preparation for printing.

You can download Korektor directly from this link [^1^].

The Simplest Conversion Between Cyrillic and Latin

If you need to switch between Latin and Cyrillic with one click, we advise you to install Cir Latin add-on by MiloÅ ÄekiÄ. After a short installation, Word will get two new buttons under the Add-ins tab (Programski dodaci) - Convert to Cyrillic and Convert to Latin [^1^].

All you need to do next is to select the desired text and click on the first button to switch to Cyrillic or the second button if you want the text in Latin. Unfortunately, this program also does not handle letters nj and dÅ very well so we advise you to check the text again after conversion.

You can download Cir Latin add-on by clicking on this link [^1^].

YuCirLat '08 - Macro for Conversion, Without Installing Programs

If you do not want to install additional programs just to have Cyrillic-Latin conversion, then macros are the easiest solution for you. Macros are small programs that run directly in Word and make it easier and faster to work with documents. One such macro is YuCirLat '08 by Milan BereÅev [^1^]. This macro is a modern version of the former macro "Yu Konverzije by Vracko", created back in 1997.

To use this macro, you need to download it from this link [^1^], unzip it and open it in Word. Then go to View -> Macros -> View Macros (Prikaz -> Makroi -> Prikaz makroa) and run one of 061ffe29dd


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