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Where To Buy Yufka Dough


Where To Buy Yufka Dough

Maun Yufka with its practicality, it is also a great convenience to find the daily dough, which allows you to prepare pastries both in the oven and in the pan, by storing them in the freezer and easily at hand whenever you want. Especially ideal for working people and students, daily doughs are also an excellent alternative for preparing snacks between meals.

Even with a wealth of international brands and supermarkets, Istanbul neighborhoods are by and large dominated by small shops specializing in certain food products. Greengrocers sell fresh, seasonal produce; fishmongers offer a glimmering array of fish, particularly in the winter months; and bakeries boast a staggering variety of breads and pastries. There are even shops specializing in honey or organ meat. Most neighborhoods, no matter the quarter of Istanbul, also have a local yufkacı, a quintessentially Turkish store specializing in yufka and other unlu mamüller, flour-based products.

When customers begin rolling in later in the afternoon, Nihat characteristically greets each as canım, a common Turkish term of endearment. He whips back the immaculate white cloth covering the stack of fresh yufka and folds the requested number of delicate, billowy rounds into a small package. How he manages to do so without tearing the yufka, which is as soft and thin as delicate fabric, is beyond us.

Borek is a flaky dough packed with savory fillings, like cheese, spinach, beef, chicken, and potatoes. Borek is one of those dishes that everyone loves, has their favorite recipes and fillings. Usually there is only one of the ingredients in a dish. However, Jim and I like to make ours with both cheese and spinach, and we make it about once a month. We love it!

I just made borek for the first time - a feta and spinach version. I used another recipe before finding your website, but it was very similar to yours. I used Turkish yufka and made it in a rectangular baking dish. I let it rest in the refrigerator for 3 hours before baking. It turned out looking great and the taste was good, but the texture seemed rather tough to me. I've never eaten or made borek before, so I'm not sure what I'm aiming at. Any advice Thanks!

Yufka is one of the musts of Turkish cuisine. But most of the people don't know that we have something called yufka and they think that we make almost every pastry with phyllo dough. That's not true. We use a special phyllo dough just for making easy/fast baklava or for a few borek recipes. But for most of the boreks we use yufka which is in round shape, which is softer and thicker than phyllo dough. We have yufka sellers in Turkey or you can find yufka in every supermarkets. But it's hard to find it out of Turkey. So Turkish people living abroad experience difficulties when making boreks.

When I make borek for example I roll the yufkas according to the recipe. For example in leek borek with homemade phyllo I make it with my hands (you can watch the video) with a different method. But in some recipes such as haşhaşlı mercimekli börek you need yufka in pieces. I wanted to share this recipe for these kinds of recipes.

Yufka is nonleavened dough that is thinner than a tortilla and heartier than phyllo dough; it has a substantial bite but is still very flaky. It is rumored to be the original form of phyllo. Yufka is used to make many flatbreads, pastries, and borek, a baked or fried pie found in Turkey and the Middle East.

Roll out each yufka ball into a very thin 8- to 9-inch round, using plenty of flour to keep the dough from sticking to the rolling pin. Stack them on top of each other with a piece of parchment paper between them and plenty of flour or lay them out slightly overlapping on a baking sheet.

If you are not using immediately, transfer the warm yufka to a large zip-top plastic bag and store at room temperature up to overnight. You can also freeze the yufka for up to 2 weeks. After thawing, reheat briefly in a skillet over medium heat


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