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Where To Buy Crystal Boba

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Where To Buy Crystal Boba

Also known as agar boba, this crystal boba is made from konjac, a plant native to eastern Asia, to create chewy, jelly-like pearls that are flavored with a subtly-sweet citrus syrup. Aside from using this product to create trendy bubble tea, you can also use these boba to add volume and value to other menu offerings like smoothies and shaved ice, or use them as a topping for frozen yogurt! They're a fun addition to any number of cold beverages and desserts.

Unlike traditional tapioca boba pearls, these crystal boba don't require any cooking or preparation to reach their 10 mm diameter, making them easy to add to an assortment of recipes without extra work. Simply separate the crystal boba with a scoop before serving for best results. To maintain this product's freshness, it's recommended that you refrigerate after opening, store in an air-tight container, and consume within 2 weeks. In order to keep your establishment in good supply, this large 4.4 lb. bag contains approximately (20) 100g / 4 tbsp. servings of crystal boba!

Since 2010, Bossen has specialized in creating premium boba products and fun Asian eats. They supply a diverse line of trendy offerings to satisfy the sweet tooth of any customer, from milk teas and Taiwanese-style snow ice to Bursting Boba pearls and frozen yogurt toppings! Explore Bossen's deliciously different products to find the perfect addition to your specialty drink menu.

Want your toppings to stand out? Then you need Crystal Boba. This is different than the usual boba. White Pearl Boba is white before cooking and a whitish clear color after cooking. This keeps bubble tea fans excited to try something they haven't seen before. Don't forget, we also carry Black Boba Pearls and Bursting Boba. After prep, these will be chewy, sweet, and translucent. These come vacuum sealed and have a shelf life of 6 months.

Put the White Pearl Boba Tapioca in boiling water and stir to keep the pearls separated. Make sure the water continues to boil after adding boba. Continue simmering on a slow boil for 6 minutes. Then, after 3 more minutes, stir once for about 15 seconds, while continuing to simmer on a slow boil. Turn the heat off and place the pot on a cool surface to allow it to cool and sit for 6 more minutes while covered. Strain while being careful to not lose Boba and rinse Boba to remove extra starch, then soak in a sugar mix. Let tapioca sit in the sugar mxi for 10 minutes prior to serving. Stir your cooked tapioca hourly. Holds for up to 6 hours.

Crystal boba is all the rage nowadays in trendy bubble tea stores across the US and UK. Its translucent white appearance and soft jelly texture are a contrast to black tapioca pearls. This delicious boba topping is easy and fun to make at home!

Do you want to stop spending so much money on buying these tasty treats in the shops? Or do you just want to customize the boba to your liking and create your own crazy concoctions? Whatever your culinary inclination, this article has everything you need to know about these extraordinary pearls.

Both tapioca and white pearls are used in a variety of preparations in Asia. In contrast, their use in the West is mostly limited to tea drinks. Thus, the differences between these two boba types are extremely well-documented and they each have a specific use.

Tapioca pearls have a neutral taste and are chewy and spongy in texture. The ones used in boba drinks are usually smaller and slightly softer compared to traditional tapioca pearls. Crystal boba, on the other hand, is very soft and jelly-like. They also have a subtle citrus flavour thanks to the plant used to make them.

Regular boba are a deep, opaque black colour thanks to the caramel added during preparation. White pearls, of course, are white and are thus distinctive and immediately recognizable. They are not as ubiquitous thanks to their conspicuousness. When crystal boba are added to a dish, they tend to capture its focus. Thus, its use i


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