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worth noting that the updated (as of this writing) version of lafcs website doesn't have the same problem as the one i had to deal with. its nice to see. i only have a few issues left to resolve and i'll be good to go. i have to note that i have been able to download torrents and use rutracker without issue for a long time. it must have something to do with the torrent i'm trying to download. in any case, enjoy this season of the movie.

here's a cute one. after uploading a torrent, you'll get a message that says "0 pending jobs". i've seen this before but never understood what it meant. my guess was that some other pc was trying to download the torrent. i once thought it meant that the person who uploaded the torrent was offline, but then i was wrong. turns out that the message is actually for the person who is downloading the torrent. 3d9ccd7d82


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