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ZombiU (2015) Free Full Game Download

This stunningly crafted game has been set in the streets and underground canal of London. Where you have been trapped and abandoned from the outside world. All you have around you are zombies thirsty of your blood and waiting to prey your flesh. ZOMBI will take the horror experience to a whole new level with the power of next generation of hardware. You enemy is right after you and is in huge numbers. DayZ Standalone is another game that you can download.

ZombiU (2015) Free Full Game Download

You have to survive this catastrophic situation. Survival though is not guaranteed and once you are dead in ZOMBI PC Game 2015 game you will join the brutal army hungry of human flesh. Now being a zombie yourself you have to retrieve your character. You can navigate the famous tower of London, Buckingham Palace plus the modern streets of London. The graphics are outstanding and you will surely love this game. You may also like to download Project Zomboid.

Be the Zombie is a free PvP expansion released on 27 January 2015. It's available for all players to experience asymmetric game mode that allows to get a taste of the Night Hunter's invasion. Before the Dying Light's release it was advertised as a pre-order exclusive, but Techland changed their mind just a few days before the launch day[1].

Dying Light: The Following is the third and biggest paid expansion released on 9 February 2016. Being the fourth and last addition to Season Pass 2015, The Following introduces a whole new map with a new story, new weapons such as compound crossbows, new blueprints with some having freezing abilities, and new gameplay features including a customizable buggy.

Get ready for a new type of zombie simulation in Zombie Castaways, now available for free on PC. Enjoy endless hours of relaxing restoration and farming gameplay straight from your PC. Explore and unlock the various areas of Zombie World and meet friendly zombies who are not after your brains today.

Zombie Castaways is a freemium casual simulation game developed and published by Vizor Apps Ltd in 2015. The game aims to show the brighter side of zombies by allowing them to work hand in hand with the player. The main narrative of the game follows the exploits of a zombie on a quest to become human for the love of his life. Players must aid the zombie protagonist for him to accomplish his goals if such a thing is possible. is your No. 1 download site for free online games for PC. We have popular games such as Granny, Gacha Life, Subway Surfers, Pixel Gun 3D, 8 Ball Pool, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and others. provides cheats, tips, hacks, tricks and walkthroughs for all games.

Every in-game action depletes your pool of stamina (no, there aren't microtransactions that let you buy more), so survivors have to balance traveling, foraging, and barricading to make sure they're always holed up somewhere safe when they tire out. Zombies who run out of stamina far from a horde are just as quick to be cut down. Hopefully Urban Dead's brilliant take on survival and social dynamics in the apocalypse will keep rolling for another few decades to come.

Plants vs. Zombies Free Trial is a free PC version of Plants vs. Zombies. It is meant to be an advertisement for the full version of the game. The player can only play up to Level 3-4 in Adventure Mode in this version. After they finish Level 3-4, an advertisement called Upsell appears and suggests them to purchase the full version. It will automatically link the player to the way to get it. It was removed in 2010, but a similar demo replaced it. This demo has a 1 hour time limit which, once expired, the demo cannot be played. It is no longer available as the demo version, which has no time limit, has replaced it. The 1 hour version was removed from popcap's website in 2015. The version was upgraded from the free trial version to the full version in an update.

Dying Light is an action and horror game that has been developed under the banner of Techland, a Polish video game developer and is published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment on the 27th of January 2015. The dying Light game is presented from a first-person perspective. Dying Light PC game has a zombie apocalypse theme and is set in an open world where the player can travel on a vast land. Dying Light PC game a got free-running mechanics which will allow the character to jump from one roof to another in an urban area. The majority of fighting is with melee weapons. Kayle Crane an undercover agent is sent to face the music in the infected city of Harran, Turkey. Dying Light PC game is divided into day and night modes. In the daytime the player can collect weapons and other items as well as can save survivors randomly roaming around. The infected zombies though are slow in their movements but they will grow in numbers and that is where the danger arises. A comprehensive weather system is also included in the Dying Light PC game and the player can set the weather as foggy, rainy or windy. When the night arrives the infected zombies become more dangerous and they acquire the ability to sprint. Their senses increase and they can pose a larger threat to the player. These zombies can also jump from one roof to another like the player. To avoid physical contact with zombies the player can use night sense so that they can locate a zombie in the dark. The dying Light game has received a positive response from critics. It is the first game based on Chrome Engine 6. Built with DirectX 11 the game delivers a level of visual quality. With stunning visual, awesome special effects and dynamic weather conditions, Dying Light is one heck of a game where rules changes when the sun goes down.

With Dying Light 2 right around the corner, there's no better time to get into this amazing post-apocalyptic parkour game than right now. PC gamers can enhance their enjoyment of the game even more by downloading the following best Dying Light mods.

Those who are tired of replaying Dying Light's story and DLC can take a break by playing some of the various story mods for the game. Many players agree that Skyfall is one of the best story add-ons to download.

While players can download plenty of cheats to enhance Dying Light, many don't think of the Easier Lockpicking mod as a cheat. Instead, players consider it as more of a quality of life fix for the game.

Zombie Army is a straightforward game. All you have to do is gun down the undead and you are good to go. The game is gory and full of bloodshed. The arcade-like action is what makes the game more interesting. If you love zombie survival horror, this game is for you.

Luckily, our list of dead-good hits has everything a zombie enthusiast could ask for, ranging from free PC games, to co-op games like DayZ that are more Lovecraftian period pieces. If you like, you can take a shambling detour through tower defense games and post-apocalypse parkour. Come with us now to find the ones worth playing right now as we wade through the hordes of shambling corpses.

Darkwood is a unique top-down survival horror game. The player controls a mysterious protagonist who tries to escape a spooky forest full of dangerous creepy monsters. The game features a semi-open-world structure, with the player unlocking new locations when progressing in the story. Darkwood features a full crafting system, a skill tree, a night and day cycle, and the ability to trade with other NPCs.

At first, you start by killing regular civilians but the game gets tougher and tougher as you progress, civilians will wield handguns, shotguns, or even put mines in your way. You also have a full power-up command at your service, for example, the player can make a zombie explode spreading the virus and turning other humans into zombies, or launch a speed powerups leaving the humans to their doom. The 8-bit art style is beautiful to look at especially if you like retro looks. On the whole, Zombie Night Terror is an amazing strategy game offering unique levels and a gory trip to the old-school pixel art style.

Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue is a collaborative game for 1 to 12 players, ages 13 and up. Designed as a standalone game, it is fully compatible with all other Zombicide products, like Season 2: Prison Outbreak or the Angry Neighbors expansion.

Organ Trail: Director's Cut is a survival horror adventure with a gleefully twisted sense of humour. Indeed, the whole thing exists as a grim parody of the popular educational game The Oregon Trail, but Organ Trail takes it to the next level. It is fun, filled with zombies and pixelated - just what one might expect from a brilliant old-school zombie game for Android.

And also you need to get away from the killer worm that will follow you around. Gradually, it will be possible to upgrade various elements of the car (wheels, motor, etc.), which will require coins. It is also important to accumulate the energy that you need to bypass all enemies. If you successfully complete the levels, you can get a lot of valuable rewards and achievements, enjoying the exciting gameplay.

In this mode, humans and zombies face each other until one side cannot continue. The gameplay is similar to Infection modes, except that humans will get killed instead of infected once a attacks them. Half of the players are chosen to be infected at the start, but unable to see, move nor attack. Each time a round starts, 20 seconds will be given for humans to get cover, after the time passes the zombies will be free to move and attack them.

#30 Night of the Comet (1984) 79% #30 Adjusted Score: 80542% Critics Consensus: Valley Girl culture satire Night of the Comet gets lots of mileage out of its slapstick sci-fi zombie approach. Synopsis: After a rare comet sighting, teen sisters Regina (Catherine Mary Stewart) and Samantha (Kelli Maroney) find that they're among the... [More] Starring: Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney, Robert Beltran, Geoffrey Lewis Directed By: Thom Eberhardt #29 Juan of the Dead (2011) 83% #29 Adjusted Score: 82283% Critics Consensus: Filled with wild splatter slapstick, Juan of the Dead also deftly uses its zombie premise as an undead Trojan horse for insightful political commentary. Synopsis: When the dead rise and attack the living, Juan starts a zombie-killing business, until he has to save his small... [More] Starring: Blanca Rosa Blanco, Elsa Camp, Antonio Dechent, Luis Alberto Garcia Directed By: Alejandro Brugués #28 Little Monsters (2019) 80% #28 Adjusted Score: 86831% Critics Consensus: Led by typically outstanding work from Lupita Nyong'o, Little Monsters is a horror/rom-com hybrid that proves the zombie genre still has fresh brains to savor. Synopsis: ... [More] Starring: Lupita Nyong'o, Josh Gad, Stephen Peacocke, Kat Stewart Directed By: Abe Forsythe #27 Wild Zero (2000) 100% #27 Adjusted Score: 25082% Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. Synopsis: Ace saves his heroes from alien invaders that turn people into zombies.... [More] Starring: Guitar Wolf, Drum Wolf, Bass Wolf, Masashi Endo Directed By: Tetsuro Takeuchi #26 Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998) 88% #26 Adjusted Score: 29685% Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. Synopsis: Scooby (Scott Innes) and the rest of the Mystery, Inc., crew encounter creepy characters at a haunted house on a... [More] Starring: Scott Innes, Billy West, Mary Kay Bergman, Frank Welker Directed By: Jim Stenstrum #25 Resident Evil (2002) 35% #25 Adjusted Score: 38774% Critics Consensus: Like other video game adapations, Resident Evil is loud, violent, formulaic, and cheesy. Synopsis: Based on the popular video game, Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez star as the leaders of a commando team who... [More] Starring: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Eric Mabius, Ryan McCluskey Directed By: Paul W.S. Anderson #24 Cemetery Man (1995) 61% #24 Adjusted Score: 61982% Critics Consensus: Cemetery Man will frustrate viewers seeking narrative cohesion or coherence, but this surreal blend of humor and horror should satisfy B-movie fans in the mood for quirk. Synopsis: Something is causing the dead to rise from their graves as flesh-eating zombies, and cemetery custodian Francesco Dellamorte (Rupert Everett)... [More] Starring: Rupert Everett, François Hadji-Lazaro, Anna Falchi, Stefano Masciarelli Directed By: Michele Soavi #23 Deathdream (1974) 85% #23 Adjusted Score: 85348% Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. Synopsis: Presumed dead in Vietnam, a young soldier reappears at his parents' home, but tensions grow within the family as his... [More] Starring: John Marley, Richard Backus, Lynn Carlin, Henderson Forsythe Directed By: Bob Clark #22 28 Weeks Later (2007) 72% #22 Adjusted Score: 79349% Critics Consensus: While 28 Weeks Later lacks the humanism that made 28 Days Later a classic, it's made up with fantastic atmosphere and punchy direction. Synopsis: Six months after the original epidemic, the rage virus has all but annihilated the population of the British Isles. Nevertheless... [More] Starring: Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, Harold Perrineau Directed By: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo #21 Versus (2000) 75% #21 Adjusted Score: 45077% Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. Synopsis: An escaped prisoner (Tak Sakaguchi) and a mysterious young woman (Chieko Misaka) face an onslaught of indestructible undead fighters in... [More] Starring: Tak Sakaguchi, Hideo Sakaki, Chieko Misaka, Kenji Matsuda Directed By: Ryûhei Kitamura #20 Night of the Creeps (1986) 75% #20 Adjusted Score: 75928% Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. Synopsis: Fraternity pledges (Jason Lively, Steve Marshall) pull a prank with a frozen body and let sluglike creatures loose on campus.... [More] Starring: Jason Lively, Steve Marshall, Jill Whitlow, Tom Atkins Directed By: Fred Dekker #19 I Walked With a Zombie (1943) 85% #19 Adjusted Score: 90989% Critics Consensus: Evocative direction by Jacques Tourneur collides with the low-rent production values of exploitateer Val Lewton in I Walked with a Zombie, a sultry sleeper that's simultaneously smarmy, eloquent and fascinating. Synopsis: Canadian nurse Betsey Connell (Frances Dee) is hired to care for Jessica Holland (Christine Gordon), a woman on a Caribbean... [More] Starring: James Ellison, Frances Dee, Tom Conway, Edith Barrett Directed By: Jacques Tourneur #18 Warm Bodies (2013) 81% #18 Adjusted Score: 88956% Critics Consensus: Warm Bodies offers a sweet, well-acted spin on a genre that all too often lives down to its brain-dead protagonists. Synopsis: A terrible plague has left the planet's population divided between zombies and humans. An unusual zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult)... [More] Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Rob Corddry Directed By: Jonathan Levine #17 Planet Terror (2007) 77% #17 Adjusted Score: 77792% Critics Consensus: A cool and hip grindhouse throwback, Planet Terror is an unpredictable zombie thrillride. Synopsis: An ordinary evening in a small Texas town becomes a grisly nightmare when a horde of flesh-eating zombies goes on... [More] Starring: Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodríguez, Josh Brolin, Marley Shelton Directed By: Robert Rodriguez #16 Zombie Flesh-Eaters (1979) 41% #16 Adjusted Score: 42514% Critics Consensus: Zombi 2 is an absurdly graphic zombie movie legendary for some gory scenes and nothing in between. Synopsis: A New York reporter (Ian McCulloch) follows a woman (Tisa Farrow) to an island where a doctor (Richard Johnson) faces... [More] Starring: Tisa Farrow, Ian McCulloch, Richard Johnson, Al Cliver Directed By: Lucio Fulci #15 Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974) 86% #15 Adjusted Score: 87120% Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. Synopsis: A cop does not realize that those responsible for several murders are the living dead.... [More] Starring: Ray Lovelock, Cristina Galbó, Arthur Kennedy, Aldo Massasso Directed By: Jorge Grau #14 World War Z (2013) 66% #14 Adjusted Score: 76816% Critics Consensus: It's uneven and diverges from the source book, but World War Z still brings smart, fast-moving thrills and a solid performance from Brad Pitt to the zombie genre. Synopsis: When former U.N. investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family get stuck in urban gridlock, he senses that it's... [More] Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, Daniella Kertesz Directed By: Marc Forster #13 Dawn of the Dead (2004) 76% #13 Adjusted Score: 82706% Critics Consensus: A kinetic, violent and surprisingly worthy remake of George Romero's horror classic that pays homage to the original while working on its own terms. Synopsis: When her husband is attacked by a zombified neighbor, Ana (Sarah Polley) manages to escape, only to realize her entire... [More] Starring: Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Jake Weber, Mekhi Phifer Directed By: Zack Snyder #12 Day of the Dead (1985) 86% #12 Adjusted Score: 88764% Critics Consensus: Day of the Dead may arguably be the least haunting entry in George A. Romero's undead trilogy, but it will give audiences' plenty to chew on with its shocking gore and scathing view of society. Synopsis: The living dead regroup above while humans (Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Joseph Pilato) sweat it out below in a Florida... [More] Starring: Lori Cardille, Terence Alexander, Joseph Pilato, Jarlath Conroy Directed By: George A. Romero #11 One Cut of the Dead (2017) 100% #11 Adjusted Score: 104699% Critics Consensus: Brainy and bloody in equal measure, One Cut of the Dead reanimates the moribund zombie genre with a refreshing blend of formal daring and clever satire. Synopsis: Real zombies attack a hack director and a film crew who are shooting a low budget zombie film in an... [More] Starring: Takayuki Hamatsu, Yuzuki Akiyama, Harumi Shuhama, Kazuaki Nagaya Directed By: Shinichiro Ueda #10 The Return of the Living Dead (1985) 91% #10 Adjusted Score: 94027% Critics Consensus: A punk take on the zombie genre, The Return of the Living Dead injects a healthy dose of '80s silliness to the flesh-consuming. Synopsis: When foreman Frank (James Karen) shows new employee Freddy (Thom Mathews) a secret military experiment in a supply warehouse, the... [More] Starring: Clu Gulager, James Karen, Don Calfa, Thom Mathews Directed By: Dan O'Bannon #9 Dead Alive (1992) 89% #9 Adjusted Score: 92060% Critics Consensus: The delightfully gonzo tale of a lovestruck teen and his zombified mother, Dead Alive is extremely gory and exceedingly good fun, thanks to Peter Jackson's affection for the tastelessly sublime. Synopsis: Overprotective mother Vera Cosgrove (Elizabeth Moody), spying on her grown son, Lionel (Timothy Balme), as he visits the zoo with... [More] Starring: Timothy Balme, Diana Peñalver, Elizabeth Moody, Ian Watkin Directed By: Peter Jackson #8 Re-Animator (1985) 94% #8 Adjusted Score: 98427% Critics Consensus: Perfectly mixing humor and horror, the only thing more effective than Re-Animator's gory scares are its dry, deadpan jokes. Synopsis: A medical student (Jeffrey Combs) brings his headless professor back from the dead with a special serum.... [More] Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Barbara Crampton, David Gale Directed By: Stuart Gordon #7 Rec (2007) 90% #7 Adjusted Score: 90674% Critics Consensus: Plunging viewers into the nightmarish hellscape of an apartment complex under siege, [Rec] proves that found footage can still be used as an effective delivery mechanism for sparse, e


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