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2d Design V2 License 14 [CRACKED]

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2d Design V2 License 14 [CRACKED]

How to get a 2D Design V2 license 14 for your school or personal use

2D Design V2 is a powerful software that allows you to create graphic designs, technical drawings and CAD/CAM projects. It is widely used in secondary schools and universities in the UK and beyond. If you want to use 2D Design V2 for your school or personal use, you will need a license 14, which is the latest version of the software.

A license 14 gives you access to all the features and updates of 2D Design V2, including:

Exhaustive geometrical constructions including circles, arcs, lines, tangents, normals, etc.

Comprehensive drawing aids, user-defined grids and attach (snap).

Advanced editing tools such as trim, extend, fillet, chamfer, offset, etc.

Customisable font characters and colour fills.

Bitmap to vector conversion and image clipping.

Design folder pages with imported photographs, scanned sketches and research material.

Output to CAM machinery such as laser cutters, CNC routers, vinyl cutters, etc.

To get a license 14 for 2D Design V2, you have two options:

If you are a school or an educational institution, you can purchase a license 14 from TechSoft, the official distributor of 2D Design V2. You can contact them by phone (+44 (0) 1745 535007) or email ( and request a quote. You can also visit their website[^1^] for more information about the software and its pricing.

If you are an individual user or a student, you can purchase a student license 14 from TechSoft as well. A student license 14 allows you to install and use 2D Design V2 on one computer only. You will need to provide proof of your student status (such as a student ID card or a letter from your school) when ordering. The price of a student license 14 is Â30 (including VAT) plus postage and packing. You can order online[^1^] or by phone or email as mentioned above.

Once you have purchased a license 14 for 2D Design V2, you will receive a CD-ROM with the software and a serial number. You will need to install the software on your computer and activate it with the serial number. You will also receive a user manual and access to online tutorials and support.

2D Design V2 is a versatile and easy-to-use software that can help you unleash your creativity and design skills. Whether you want to create posters, greeting cards, packaging products, engineering drawings or CAM projects, 2D Design V2 has everything you need in one place. Get your license 14 today and start designing!

Benefits of 2D Design V2

2D Design V2 is not only a powerful software, but also a versatile and user-friendly one. It offers many benefits for users of different ages, abilities and interests. Some of the benefits of 2D Design V2 are:

Cost-effectiveness: 2D Design V2 is much more affordable than many other CAD packages, especially for schools and students. It also saves you money on materials and processes, as you can design and output your projects digitally.

Visual appeal: 2D Design V2 allows you to create stunning graphic products with thousands of options for combining vector drawing with text, bitmaps, photographs or clip-art. You can also customise your font characters and colour fills to suit your style and purpose.

Easier to produce: 2D Design V2 makes it easy to output your designs to CAM machinery such as laser cutters, CNC routers, vinyl cutters, etc. You can also print your designs or export them to other formats such as PDF, JPG, DXF, etc.

Learning opportunities: 2D Design V2 is a great tool for learning and teaching various subjects and skills, such as graphic design, technical drawing, CAD/CAM, engineering, mathematics, art, etc. It also helps you develop your creativity, problem-solving and communication skills.

User-friendliness: 2D Design V2 has a simple desktop that lets you start with basic tools and add new tools as your confidence grows. It also has a user manual and online tutorials and support to help you along the way.



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