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Slane Irish Whiskey Where To Buy ((FREE))

For more information about Slane Irish Whiskey, please visit, on Facebook at, on Twitter at @SlaneWhiskey and on Instagram at @SlaneWhiskey. Honor the legacy. Sip Responsibly.

slane irish whiskey where to buy

The climate in Ireland and indeed in Scotland as well, is a little gentler than where most of the distilleries will be located in the U.S. So that means you lose less. The angel's share is lower. The maturation takes a bit longer. It's kind of gentler. And I think that helps to account for the softer flavor profile of Irish whiskey.

So what's interesting about that is if you're an Irish distillery, generally speaking you tend to buy your barrels in bulk, most of them are ex-American whiskey barrels. And you're either buying through a barrel dealer or you might be buying direct from a distillery. And that distillery might make a number of different liquids. The result is that you don't actually know what liquid was in that barrel. Because of the partnership with Brown-Forman, we can now delve into barrels where we know exactly what was in it before.

Slane Irish Whiskey will be exclusively available at The Loop Dublin and Cork Airport through April 30, 2017after which the triple-casked, uniquely-blended whiskey will become available in the on-trade and specialist whisk(e)y stores across Ireland and then elsewhere. 041b061a72


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